Custom Plastic Injection Molding

At Poly-Ject Inc. we provide our customers with innovative designs and high quality products all at a reasonable cost.

Poly-Ject Inc. is a custom plastic injection molding company that is your complete source for injection molded products. Poly-Ject Inc. was founded in 1982 and has grown to a full service design, rapid prototyping, mold making and plastic injection molding company. Our manufacturing facility in Amherst New Hampshire utilizes the latest state of the art machinery to ensure that the product we ship meets or exceeds the requirements of our customers. Our ISO 9000 certification demonstrates our dedication to delivering consistent product with each shipment. We do not ship product unless it meets our stringent quality control standards.
Poly-Ject Inc. will design and manufacture your plastic parts to exacting specifications. We have in-house mold-making and design capabilities to provide our customers with the highest level of service. Our production department runs 24 hours a day 5 days a week to ensure that we deliver products to our customers on time.
Poly-Ject Inc. occupies a 26,000 square foot facility in the heart of New England(NH, MA, CT, RI, ME, VT). We have been serving New Enlgand and the United States with great quality plastic injection molded parts for over 25 years. With the quality plastic injection molding services offered by Poly-Ject Inc., located in Amherst New Hampshire, there is no need to go off shore for quality or price.

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