Prototyping has never been easier and more accurate. With 3D printing, we can create an exact replica of your product in order to get a true hands on experience before moving to mold construction and production.

Mold Making

We manufacture molds in house! Using a variety of machines and technologies, we have created solutions that even our competitors have said were not possible.

Not only do we build the molds, we also maintain them. In addition, we collect samples and spot check the quality for each run to ensure your molds are always producing the perfect quality product.


We have access to a vast plethora of material types, and we work closely with you to find the most optimal solution for your product application.

We use both pure and recycled materials. In fact, nothing is wasted here at Poly-Ject, as any unused scraps are grinded and reused. It is our mission to ensure we do our part in a cleaner planet.


We also offer the opportunity for product placement into customer supplied packaging.


Our 16,000 square foot secured facility provides the perfect space for a streamlined workflow. From design to prototyping, to mold making and production, and packaging to pick up, our space is optimized to get your product in hand as quickly as possible.


Not only do we produce the product, we also assemble them in house. If there are additional pieces incorporated into your product such as metal nuts or inserts, or they need to simply need to be assembled, we can most likely take care of this for you.

When reaching out, be sure to ask!


When it comes to packing your product and getting your order ready for pick up, it is important for us to ensure the space is clean and operates efficiently.